EIPSA is led by general director, with its office comprising of general secretarial and accounting bodies. EIPSA have seven major professional divisions, each with section heads. On 22nd June 2013, the founders of EIPSA had assigned the chair person, general sectretary and head for the seven active sections. We would like to remind you that this is a rotating executive membership, where the members will be replaced every year. An excutive can be elected for two terms and after a year abstain. The followning are the current EIPSA main sections.

Director –  Alem Gebriel

Deputy Director Minitwab Bezabeh

General Secretary – Epheram Demelash

Engineering & Hydraulic Sec. Head  

Law & International Affairs Sec. Head

Economics Sec. Head

Environmental & Agricultural Sec. Head

Water and Trans-boundary River Mang. Sec. Head

Public Relation & Communication Sec. Head

IT and Documentation Sec. Head

Editorial and Scholarship

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