Membership in EIPSA is open to all Ethiopian citizens and anyone of Ethiopian origin, who are willing to embrace the duties and responsibilities of EIPSA in their professional capacity. The professional may come from broad areas such as engineering (hydraulic, environmental, mechanical, electrical, etc ), economics and management, international law, political science and international relations, metrology, environmental conservation, water management, Information Technology and journalism and communication and other areas related to EIPSA vision. The EIPSA members shall:

  • serve the association in furthering its objectives, if and when requested;
  • be acutely aware of the non-partisan nature of EIPSA. While EIPSA welcomes members despite their political affiliation, it remains politically neutral; shall be promoting no political interests whatsoever; and its platform would not be used for entertaining partisan agenda;
  • attend forum meetings regularly;
  • promote the growth and development of the association;
  • abide by this memorandum of initiative.

It is with great privilege to invite you to join EIPSA. You can join EIPSA by filling the short form which can be accessed by clicking here  

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