Vision & Mission


EIPSA aspires to become a center of excellence on water and related issues in Ethiopia and North East African region in order to support Ethiopia`s efforts from different perspectives and to be a channel between experts from Ethiopia and the sub-region. It seeks to provide its best services to the maintenance and sustainable utilization of the country`s water resources, dams, and other hydraulic infrastructures. By so doing EIPSA envisages to create a network of professionals in the Nile Basin to promote equitable and reasonable utilization of the waters of the Nile through cooperation to alleviate poverty and support efforts to ensure overall socio-economic development in Ethiopia in particular and in the Nile Basin in general.


EIPSA is a professional association of volunteers which aims to create a platform for Ethiopians and professionals of Ethiopian-origin from all over the world to contribute to the development of the water sector in Ethiopia from a multi-disciplinary multi-stakeholder perspective. Hence, its mission is to enhance and expand knowledge on water issues in Ethiopia, support Ethiopia`s efforts of utilizing its water resources, maintaining and protecting Ethiopia`s national interests on transboundary watercourses in accordance with internationally accepted principles-mainly the principle of equitable and fair apportionment. Promote the fair and equitable sharing of the Nile River through dialogue, respect, and recognition of the rights of all nations in the basin. The Mission defines IEPSA’s purpose and main objective.

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