It should be noted that EIPSA is an association of professionals from different disciplines and different countries across the world. It can be regarded as a network of experts who can contribute their expertise to their country in particular and to the Nile Basin in general to enhance cooperation on the Nile that will ensure mutual benefit among the riparian states. In addition to this, EIPSA sets out to work in collaboration with domestic experts and appropriate entities regarding the different aspects of the Nile waters in general and the GERD in particular. Under these general objectives, the forum pursues the following key and specific objectives:

  • Providing direct professional support in a diverse set of disciplines relating to the equitable and sustainable use of the Blue Nile, in general and to the assessment, use and maintenance of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), in particular.
  • Preparing a credible and detailed database on the Nile River in general and the GERD and other dams on the Nile in particular;
  • conducting scientific research on all aspects of the GERD and  providing expertise and assistance to the Renaissance Dam National Committee in the fields of engineering, agriculture, environment, economics, law and trans-boundary water management, amongst others;
  • Providing comprehensive, informed and unified information regarding Ethiopia’s position and rights on the use of the Nile, its views on the principle of shared use of the waters, and aspects of construction and use of the Dam for consumption by the national and international media. This would be done both proactively or in response to materials on the international media and other discussions in professional forums on the construction of the dam, through actively tracking the dissemination of such materials;
  • Conducting scientific research on all aspects of the physical, legal and political aspects of the nature and use of the Nile River in general and the Blue Nile in particular; with  the aim of understanding the legal, natural  and reasonable  entitlements of  Ethiopia; and other riparian countries  concerning the use of the Nile;
  • Promoting scholarship and high-level research on the Nile issue in all its aspects;
  • Promoting and facilitating dialogue among professionals of all riparian countries (and others) on the use of the Nile and its resources for common and shared benefit thereby foster peace and prosperity in the Nile Basin.
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